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Our metal shear blade suitable for cutting stainless, mild and high tensile strength steels of various thickness. We have extensive expertise in developing high performance precision metal shear blades of metal industry and only use high quality high carbon, high chrome tool steels. Each shear blade can be custom ordered to suit your individual application of machine. In-house heat treatment and sub-zero process ensure precise hardness structure exacting quality standards. Ultimate performance, optimum edge retention enhances wear resistant and greatly reduces the cost of re-grinding.

All Metal Shear Blade Series:

Metal Shear Blade Material: SKD-61 / H-13
SKD-61 has been the most popular and perhaps the most versatile hot work tool steel available for many years. It provides a good balance of toughness, heat check resistance and temper resistance, along with moderate wear resistance. It is air hardenable and is used in most applications in the heat treated condition at HRC44-52. The normal tempering temperatures for Nu-Die V are quite high (>1000°F, 540°C), allowing it to retain its heat treated hardness and strength while in service at elevated temperatures to improved heat check resistance and better transverse toughness. The featuring excellent hot tensile properties, high hot wear resistance, adequate toughness and heat checking resistance; admits water cooling. High shock, hot hardness used for tube mill rolls and shearing hot steel and apply to heavy duty hot work tools and dies, mainly for light alloy processing: mandrels, dies, and containers for metal tube and rod extrusion; hot extrusion equipment; tools and dies for the manufacture of hollow bodies, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts. Hot shear blades and plastic molding dies. Tools used under extreme compressive stresses. Sharpening punches, dies H13 tool steel can be vacuum hardened and may be water cooled in service.